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Using the Viberect® for Prostate Cancer Recovery.
First line treatment for penile rehabilitation and erection recovery
following Prostate Cancer treatment.

Viberect® can safefy and successfully be used as part of an everyday erection recovery process for men that have undergone treatment for prostate cancer (including prostatectomy, hormone and brachytherapy ).


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How Penile Vibratory Stimulation can be used to help men recover erectile functioning following Prostate Cancer Treatment.*

*The following is an excerpt from an interview with Dr Kambiz Tajkarimi, Urologist.

Penile erections are nerve generated events that causes the blood to fill the penis and several mechanisms preventing the blood from leaking out of the penis.

Unfortunately, after prostate cancer treatment most men will develop defective erectile mechanisms that cause long term (and in some cases, permanent) erectile dysfunction. These include:
  1. Poor nerve conduction to the penis
  2. Poor blood flow to the penis; and
  3. The development of venous leakage
Current treatments such as oral medications and injections do not address all of these problems. Injections are vessel dilators which help bring lots of blood to the penis. Some oral medications prevent nitric oxide (necessary for the development of spontaneous erections) from breaking down. If there is no nitric oxide released from the nerves, then they do not work... hence inadequate response of most men after prostate treatments.

Surgery and radiation cause damage to the Cavernous nerves (nerves that help facilitate penile erection) which are very close to the prostate. Nerve conduction is reduced or stopped altogether for a variable amount of time.

Cavernous nerves are (neural) highways to take information from the spinal cord to the penis. They do not act independently. If there is no strong stimulation such as genital stimulation, and erotic moments, they will not work at all.

The role of Pudendal Nerves in Erectile Recovery

Another nerve system is the Pudendal nerves... are both sensory, motor and autonomic. They are NOT damaged after surgery or radiation and remain intact throughout.

In fact, the Pudendal nerves become the only reliable form of communication between the penis and spinal cord after surgery until Cavernous nerves recover. Pudendal nerves are responsible for sensation, pleasure, voluntary urinary and faecal control, and rigidity of erection.

Vibratory therapy targets Pudendal nerves. Interestingly, multiple studies show that Cavernous nerves communicate strongly with branches of the Pudendal nerve.

Pudendal nerve stimulation can help communicate with injured Cavernous nerves at multiple places, including spinal cord (close to the injury), and inside the penis (away from the injury).

There are millions of nerve receptors (antennas) on the surface of the penis that can be activated by specific frequency and amplitude.

Medical vibrators like the Viberect® (Reflexonic, USA) generate high amplitude necessary for scientific nerve stimulation and can help generate sexual reflexes. Nerve stimulation after 2-3 minutes strong activates spinal cord sensors that originate the injured Cavernous nerves and instruct it to "wake up from sleep". If done on a daily basis, this has shown in much neurophysiology literature to help in regeneration of nerves and functional recovery.

Most men can start using a Viberect® penile rehabilitation device as soon as surgery or even one month before.

It is important to note that the benefits of using a Viberect® will be cumulative and not immediate. It takes 30 seconds to damage the nerves, but will take months for them to recover.

Our data shows recovery of penetrable spontaneous erections at least 6-8 months earlier than those who choose not to use them.

Many studies are currently underway, including Tulane laboratory study comparing Viberect® with Caverject injection in the lab, Johns Hopkins randomized prospective trial for post prostatectomy rehab, and Miami Project spinal cord injury studies.

Our experience suggests that simultaneous stimulation of both sides of the penis is necessary for optimal response.

Penile Vibratory stimulation is an established modality that has been used for decades for treatment of sexual dysfunction in both men and women. It is safe, effective, and cost effective.

This modality can help treat men with erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence at all 3 fronts:

  1. Improve nerve conduction to the penis
  2. Improve blood flow (Pudenda Cavernous reflex and Bulbo Cavernous reflex),
  3. Help strengthen muscles around the penis that act as physiological "penis rings".
Men who use Viberect® on daily basis report progressive improvement in rigidity and spontaneous night time erections. In addition, vibratory stimulation can help correct poor and lack of orgasm after prostate cancer treatments.

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The Science Behind Viberect® and Vibratory Stimulation Treatments: How the Viberect® ® Vibratory Stimulation System works

Penile erection is a nerve reflex. Millions of nerve receptors line the surface of your penis. Their stimulation trigger centers in the spinal cord and brain to start a process that lead to penile erection , firmness and ejaculation.

With specific frequency and amplitude, the Viberect® ® safely stimulates these sensors. Through gentle and painless vibrations, Viberect® helps initiate the flow of blood into your penis and stimulates the muscles that keep it there longer, making it more rigid.

If the erections are short-lasting and firmness is a problem, try Viberect® ® .

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The Viberect® Post Prostatectomy Penile Rehabilitation Protocol

Our post prostatectomy penile rehabilitation protocol is as follows: (Note that men can enter at any stage depending on their situation.)
  1. Begin Viberect® therapy one month before surgery or radiation
  2. Use Viberect® therapy in a sexual setting (foreplay, visual stimulation, etc.) 3 days after catheter removal (after surgery) for 3-5 minutes. In the beginning, no rigid erection is expected to occur, but fullness occurs, which is beneficial, allowing the penis tissues to be oxygenated and elasticity to remain
  3. Perform Kegel exercises regularly
  4. If desired, use oral meds (daily Cialis, Viagra 50 mg three times a week, Cialis 20 mg three times a week) 30 minutes before Viberect® therapy. This allows improved response and benefit than oral meds alone.
  5. High motivation is necessary. Viberect® therapy requires intense sexual concentration to prevent adrenaline and erection prevention pathways.
  6. Impatience, frustration, anxiety will reduce effects, as Viberect® therapy produces physiological erection.

We collect validated questionnaires and 24 hour pad weight test every 3 months. In my opinion and many experts, vibratory therapy plays a great role in enhancing recovery of erection and urinary control after surgery.

We are very excited for emerging data from clinical trials.

Kambiz Tajkarimi, MD
Frederick Urology Specialists
Frederick, Maryland

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How to use the Viberect® Penile Vibratory Therapy System and Part of post-prostatectomy penile rehabilitation program.

  1. Begin Penile Vibratory Therapy as soon as surgery or treatment allows. We recommend Penile Vibratory Therapy even before treatment is scheduled to occur.

  2. Use the Viberect® in relaxed sexual setting (sexual thoughts, erotic videos, etc.), in standing position (better blood flow to penis). You must relax and just go deep in thoughts. Go deep in sexual memories and re-enactments.

  3. Have frequent sexual encounters with your spouse or partner. No erection is necessary to experience love and intimacy. Integrate the Viberect® and female vibrators for your partner. This greatly amplifies your higher brain centres to help in your recovery. Higher levels of usage frequency and sexual and psychological engagement have been scientifically reported towards assisting erectile recovery.

  4. The Viberect® should be used with and empty bladder in the beginning of program.

  5. The Viberect® can be used every day (ideally at least 3 times a week) for 3-5 minutes (or until orgasm) for at least one year.

  6. If you use oral medications for penile rehabilitation (such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra), we advise that these be taken 30 minutes before Viberect® stimulation for maximum benefit of the medications.

  7. If you plan to use a Vacuum Erection Device (Penile pump), you must not use a constriction ring for at least 3 months.

  8. Do penile stretch exercises 30 days after surgery to strengthen rigidity muscles.

  9. Vibratory therapy success requires patience, frequent usage and, and treatment consistency.

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